Detox Diet: The Road that Paves Way For Healthy Living

Detoxifying your body sounds at least interesting. But, why would one opt for a detox diet? Obviously not only because it sounds exciting. So, what are the main causes that force someone to opt for detox cleanse? And, what does the process of detoxification do to the human body?

What is the Purpose of Detoxification?

Several exponents emphasize that the process of detoxification really helps in cleansing the body of the toxins that have been building up within for lifetime. Is it not true that the human body has self-maintaining mechanisms that can really free from the body of toxins as often as required? The answer is there is such a mechanism. Although, on the other hand with time the systems of our body get so congested with all the byproducts of unhealthy food and drinks, the environmental pollutants, drug metabolites, etc., that the processes of deep self-cleaning could appear to be either extremely demanding or insufficient.

Liver and the kidneys in our body are well able to process different chemicals and get them flushed through the urine, sweat and stool. The pro-biotic bacteria that are present along our colon do a good job of detoxifying the waste that goes in as a part of our food intake and the mucus membranes covering the inner surface of colon resist various types of bacteria/germs/viruses to penetrate into our body. More oil is poured to this confusion related to detoxification by numerous “detox diet” books and detox supplement producers around.

Despite of this confusion, it is very important to understand the fact that with time, we have all started taking processed and refined food. The amount of such food intake has far exceeded the limits than what is really admissible by the body. As a result, restricting alcohol, caffeine, animal protein and refine food products and taking in more whole grains, water, organic fiber along with slow carbohydrates results in weight loss, healthy digestion and, as a consequence, better functioning of the organism in general.

Types of Detox Diet Plans

There are several popular detox diet plans floating around. Some of the most popular ones include the master cleanse or lemonade diet and the fat flush diet. Foot bath or foot detox is also one of the commonly used detoxification procedures. Liver detox is even yet another common detox that is often used by many.

Lemonade or Master Cleanse Detox Diet

This has been one of the most popular dieting procedure for the last 5 decades. This diet advocates the intake of lemon juice and only lemon juice. Two tablespoons of lemon juice is mixed with ten ounces of pure water, 1/10 tablespoon of cayenne pepper and grade A organic maple syrup. Drinking this lemon juice multiple times a day without taking any other cooked or raw food during the dieting period is said to flush out toxins accumulated in the body. Generally, people who opt for this diet go ahead with 4-14 days of dieting. As a side effect, due to the sudden switch to low caloric diet in accordance to the diet plan, one might experience severe episodes of nausea and even vomiting occasionally.

Fat Flush Diet

This diet advocates on having 85% raw food along with 15% cooked food during the period. The process often consists of three phases. In phase 1 the intake of 1100-1200 calories a day is recommended. When one is on this diet, he/she cannot take any margarine, sugars, alcohol, any oil except the flax seed oil, bread, grains, starchy vegetables and other processed and/or refined products. During the second phase, the dieting person takes 1200-1500 calories of food strict. And, finally in the last phase, several carbohydrate rich foods are reintroduced into the diet with the overall nutrient value of 1500 calories per day. During the maintenance phase, the person on the diet needs to exercise 30-40 minutes a day and has to sleep not more than 8 hours a day.

Foot Bath

Ionic tubs that are capable of releasing negatively charged ions are usually used in foot detox. The reflexological stimulation in combination with the ion impact on the organism, lead to activation of osmosis processes during these procedures. As a result of osmosis, the toxins are all to be eliminated through the skin pores and diluted in the water. A tub capable of releasing negatively charging ions is essential in this process. The feet are placed in the solution for the specified period of time. The procedure is repeated according to the schedule.

In addition to the bath, the foot detox patches are applied to the sole over the night to keep the process ongoing. Some claim the procedure to be one of the least demanding ones, but nevertheless quite efficient.

The majority of people who take the foot detox on a regular basis have reported to have got rid of problems like sleeplessness, concentration and memory issues, joint pains and skin problems.

Aftermath Of Detox Diets

Detox diets definitely include fasting as a part of them. As a result, one that opts for detox dieting would start losing weight in addition to excreting the waste material that has been accumulated in the organism for years. Most of the weight loss however would be fluids and muscular weight.

Due to the sudden reduction of ceasing of intake of such artificial, but very common nowadays addictive products like caffeine and alcohol, the person on detox diet is likely to suffer from mild to severe headaches and sleepiness. Due to the changes in food routine, the dieting person is sometimes likely to get acne and diarrhea.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Opting for a Detox Diet

Fasting can be addictive. So, when you fast during a detox diet, make sure that you get sufficient nutrition from liquids, milk, yogurt and other allowed products. Fasting definitely reduces the rate of metabolism, so some vital singes could change, for instance, the blood pressure and the temperature are very likely to decrease slightly.

Do not opt for any sort of detox diet if you have a chronic health condition. If you are already suffering from type 2 diabetes, low blood sugar, eating issues and cardiovascular problems, fasting and strict diets are not for you.

Should You Opt for a Detox Diet?

Nonetheless, with the current hullabaloo around detox diets and the ideas floating on the Internet, this is a very contradictive topic and the question needs to be answered. If ever you have the inclination to opt for a detox diet, it is highly recommended that you consult your physician first. Talk to him about the detox plan that you intend to follow. He is the best person who can not only explain any doubts that you have, but also advice you the most suitable procedure in accordance to your current and plausible health problems. Tell him all about your plans and explain your motivating reasons.


1 .How to get started with a detox diet?

First, get yourself equipped with the diet plan. Consult your physician first. Only after the consultation, taking all the recommendations into account, you can get started.

2. Are all detox kits that available online reliable?

It depends on the product. Word of mouth and online forums would really help you with identifying which products are really reliable and are worth to spend your money for.

3. What is the best way to pass drug tests? Will detox work if one is a chronic smoker?

Detoxification is the process of body systems cleanse from the waste materials. Logically, is the person continues to smoke during the process of detoxification, the toxins are getting into the system again and again. As such, it is best to stay away from smoking and that is the best solution that can reliably help with passing drug tests whatsoever.

4. Can a person who has high blood cholesterol get started with a detox diet?

If one has been having any chronic health problem, it is very wise to get the detox plan to the doctor and discuss it in details. The procedure could be started after the consultation and keeping in mind all the recommendations.

5. Is there a well defined process to fall back to routine after a detox diet plan?

Yes. It is best to cease the process slowly. Start with fluid intake then switch to the intake of steamed veggies and then slowly try to get back to your normal, try to avoid eating much. Quickening this process can prove disastrous, therefore the question is to be discussed with the physician.

6. What are the best natural foods that can help with liver detox?

The best foods that can help with liver detox would be garlic, beets, carrots, green tea, green leafy vegetables, grapefruit and whole grains. There are several other foods that can help. However, these are the best and the most effective food items that can help with a liver detox.

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