Fast COC/Cocaine Detox Kit for People Under 200 Lbs

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Do you know the miraculous effect of Fast COC/Cocaine Detox Kit? Are you aware of the fact that the detox kit containing 16 oz. of Carbo detox drink, 1 bottle of Quick Flush tablets and a COC/Cocaine drug test kit can help you pass your drug test?

Yes. This is too good to be true. If you are under 200 lbs, get to know about our COC/Cocaine detoxification kit. Understand how to use our kit and pass your drug test on the fly.

Our kit works best if you follow the instructions on the kit strictly and detoxify your body using our kit just 2 hours before appearing for your drug test. Follow the step by step instructions below and pass your drug test.

Step # 1: Drink the entire contents of the Absolute Carbo detox drink one hour before you appear for the test. Consume the drink slowly and steadily.

Step # 2: Wait for around 15 minutes. After this, fill the Carbo drink bottle with cool water and drink the entire contents of the bottle.
Step # 3: Relax for the next 45 minutes duration. Don’t feel tensed. Become comfortable. Feel at ease. Try to get another 16 oz. of water.

Step # 4: Now test yourself with the drug test device that comes along with our kit. Our detox Carbo drink works best for 1-5 hours after consumption. If you test positive, just go ahead with the rest of the instructions given below

Step # 5: Ensure that you consume the entire bottle of Quick Flush tablets along with 16 oz of water 45 minutes before you take your final test at the laboratory. Now you can be very certain to pass your final drug test. Ensure that you take your test within the next 4 hours.

For best results, try to pass urine as frequently as you can. Drink as much as water as possible before you appear for the test. Refrain from drugs for 24-48 hours prior to taking the test. Results are based on how you time the test. Be careful to schedule your test on time.

Consult your medical practitioner if you are nursing your kid or if you are carrying. The best thing about our product is that you can enjoy a discount of up to 10% on individual orders. Beware of the fact that you cannot make use of our product in case of legal drug tests. Make sure you abide by the state and federal laws when it comes to taking a drug test.

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