How to detoxify the body: reliable and effective tips for beginners

Of late, we hear a lot about detox. Many of us come across several articles on body cleansing and flushing out the toxins from our body. However, not many of us managed to look closer at the topic and to reflect on it. A bunch of us are even unaware of whether we should really opt for the detox process and how to detoxify the body.

Should You Opt for Body Cleansing?

The word ‘detox’ basically refers to flushing out the toxins present within our body and rejuvenating the body with healthier variants of food so as to feel better,and stay healthy and bubbly for long.

But, how would you know whether you need one? The answer is quite simple. Check if you feel torpid and dull? Review your routine as to whether you have been dining out too frequently? Have you had the feeling that you have over eaten during your meal for at least a couple of times the past 2-3 days? Have you been suffering from problems like muscle pain, joint pain or acne? Have you found that loosing weight is challenging? If your answers to these questions are ‘yes’, then its probably a good time to opt for body cleansing.

Yet another pointer that several doctors advocate is to try to cleanse your body at least once a year with a prophylactic purpose. In addition, take a look at the modern environmental conditions, especially in, but not limited to big cities. Modern lifestyle inevitably leads to various toxins, drugs, pollutants and their metabolites to accumulate in our system. So, it’s obvious that the answer to all your questions is “yes”.

On the other hand, there some, who should be very careful about the thing, as there are some conditions which serve as a contradiction for body detox. For instance, you have to be cautious if you are a nursing mother or a person suffering from chronic conditions. If you are pregnant or is on a rehabilitation program, just hang on. Go to your doctor, discuss your plans and proceed just based on his consent and suggestions.

Once you identify that you would really require to flush out toxins from your body, you might think to where did the internal self defense that is implicitly present within your system disappear? Do not worry, self cleansing mechanism of your body is intact. However, it just needs a refill. It just requires an enhancement. To offer your body what it requires, you can go ahead and opt for a detox diet that can really help you with staying healthy.

How do you cleanse your body?

Opting for detox program can really help with body cleansing. Detox programs often assist the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms by providing a period of relaxation to the related organs. It further energizes the liver and boosts its ability to flush the toxins out from the blood. A good detox program also flacks the elimination of waste through the intestines, kidneys and skin. Additionally, a good body detox diet also enhances the circulation of blood and rejuvenates the body with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it would require.

But, ‘where and how to begin?’,’How to detoxify the body?’,’And which is the best body cleansing formula that you can make use of?’ are a few of the queries that might arise when you decide to opt for a detox program.

Where And How To Get Started?

Before you decide on a particular detox product, it is highly recommended that you adjust your daily routine to get started. Think about how many times a day you have been having caffeine? Have you been a drug user? Have you been consuming alcohol? If you are, just try to reduce or, even better, to refuse using these artificial stimulators. You can also review the amount of white flour or white rice that you have been taking daily. Try to get the intake of sugar to a bare minimum. Refrain from eating out at a restaurant and stay away from using deodorised health care wares and decorative cosmetics. Try to switch to the natural alternatives if and as as much, as possible.

Try to reduce the amount of food in every meal, try to refuse fried and oily dishes and replace them with backed, boiled and steamed products. Try out fasting days with no chewable products, replacing them with fluids. The best way is to opt for a juice diet for a day or two where you would keep drinking juices for the entire day. Increase the amount of your daily water intake by at least 2 quarts. Include herbs like ginger and garlic in any food that you have. Whenever you make your salad for a meal, remember to include beets, carrots and cruciferous veggies, as they help a lot with liver detox. Include grapefruit as a part of your daily diet, as the latter enhances liver cleansing. Add some nuts, almonds in particular, and 1-2 table spoons of flax seed oil or olive oil as a part of your daily diet.

Check if you are being stressed at home or work. Stress often drain all your positive energy and deteriorates the pace of the self cleanse mechanism of your body. Start practicing yoga and meditation classes. Try working out for at least 30 minutes daily.

The Most Effective Cleansing Formula

The most effective cleansing formula might differ from person to person. When you get a head start with what has been described here, you can opt for a rigorous detox program like master cleanse diet or a fat flush diet. However, if you are a beginner, get started with a juice diet. You can continue the procedure for a day or two. When you return to your normal routine after your juice diet, it is important to polish the return process. Start with steamed and boiled vegetables as the first step towards returning to your usual. Further, try to continue to stay away from drugs and caffeine as long as possible .Watch over the quantity and quality of food that you consume.

In addition to the beginner juice diet, you can also try using epsom bath salts. Just add some to your daily bath. These salts have a special effect of withdrawing the toxins from your body systems with ease. Add lemon juice using a common lemon to all the water that you take during the day. The acidity of lemon can penetrate into the fat molecules in your body and break them down with ease.

Apple detox diet is yet another common detox diet for a novice. It constitutes of a routine where the person eats nothing but apples all day for several days. On an average, in case of this diet, the person ends up in having around 6-7 apples a day. One might want to opt for the organic ones if ever they opt for an apple detox diet.

Detox pills and detox drinks are also available in several online stores. These can additionally boost the cleansing process that you have chosen.

Overall, it is all up to you how often to do detox. The number of the procedures you take depends on a number of factors, however the major one is your well-being. No matter what is the detox program you have chosen for yourself, it is wise to consult your physician as he would be the right person who can answer all your queries and help you to chose the right option!


1. What are the famous detox diet plans that are in vogue today?

Master cleanse and fat flush are a couple of detox diets that are well known. However, juice fasting is recommended if you are a beginner.

2. I am pregnant and I would like to cleanse and detoxify my body. Which detox plan would work for me?

The best would be to try to avoid toxins in this case. Moreover, it is very important that you consult your doctor before you start detox, as it could cause risk for your ba.

3. Are there any popular online stores where in one can buy detox kits?

Yes. There are a bunch of them. Elmirastore is one such store that has been available online for the past couple of years. Online forum discussions can get you more information in this regard.

4. Are there any particular precautions that need to be taken before opting for a detox?

Yes. Detox is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have been having chronic health conditions, it is important to contact your doctor and get approval.

5. How many times in a year should we detox our body?

On an average, just once a year would suffice. But, you can opt for doing it twice too. This is based on what your health and differs from person to person.

6. Is stress the main cause of toxin accumulation? If yes, how to get rid of it?

Stress causes the adrenaline rush within the body which in turn slows down the toxin flush mechanisms. Yoga and meditation are a couple of critical things that can help with managing stress.

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