Top 10 tips to perform a natural detox and lose weight quickly

If you are wondering how to detox your body or looking for tips on how to cleanse your body, go ahead and read further to understand the ups and downs of the procedure, which would help you to extract and experience all the benefits.

Plan well, make the your choice and stick to the detox regimen

When you decide on getting into a detox diet, it is often challenging to find the right detox that can help you to lose weight fast and safe. If you are googling on ‘help me lose weight fast’, understand that losing weight should never be all of a sudden. There are numerous detox procedures floating around. This can be right from a liver detox diet, a colon cleanse, master cleanse diet, fat flush diet, 7-day detox, juice diet and hallelujah diet. With this number of options it is extremely confusing for a newbie to choose the right one. The choice really should depend on your goal, your health condition and the power of your motivation. Your doctor would be the right person to suggest or approve the detox plan that you choose.

Get to know which foods are most suitable when you are on detox

When it comes to a detox, restriction of types of products and reduction of the total amount calories are the two most important factors that need to be taken care of. After choosing a plan for your detox, it is important to identify the ingredients that are going to become a part of your diet. This would entirely be based on the detox plan that you choose. However, depending on your goals and your health issues, some products could be added to your diet, for instance, the intake of 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil or olive oil can help with reducing cholesterol. High fiber food intake during the detox period is very important. This can be anything right from legumes, lentil, beans, quinoa, whole grains like oats and so on. Try to stay away from white rice. Say no to plain white sugar. Take small cups of ginger-garlic juice with lemon juiced up for that can really perform a body cleanse. Take cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cabbages. Grape fruit is another important detoxifier. Apples, spinach, greens are other important ingredients that can be part of natural detox routine. Drink as much water as you can on a daily basis.

Understand the pros and cons of fasting in a detox

Very often, fasting is a part of detox plans. Understand that fasting for too long can result in unwanted ramifications. Unless one is used to indefinitely long term fasting, this one can prove to be negative. Those who are suffering from chronic health conditions or are pregnant or nursing should not take up with detoxification unless approved or advised by their physician. Novices should start slow. A slow and steady detox regimen can be better than a rigorous quick routine.

Understand the importance of liver cleanse and colon cleanse

Liver and colon are the two very important organs that contribute to natural body cleansing mechanism invented by the mother-nature herself. As such, a liver detox diet combined with a colon cleanse can really help with a thorough body cleanse. Carrots and beetroots often form a part of liver detox diet. Laxatives, enemas, herbal tea products and detox drinks can help with colon cleanse with ease. Staying away from caffeine, alcohol and chocolates/dairy products would be definitely beneficial.

Beware of temptations

Eating out often proves to be a very strong temptation for those who are on a detox diet. It is important to understand that the temptations should be kept at bay for the detox to work quickly and effectively. Beware of weight watchers and stick to eating those that do not have saturated fat in them. Avoid cheesy stuff. Stay away from fried, processed and refined food products as long as you can.

Get your doctor’s advice

It might seem surprising, but it is important to know if you really need a detox. You doctor is the right person who has all the knowledge and, moreover, has the entire account of your health conditions, therefore he is the only one who could consult you and give you plenty of advice and approve or disapprove your detox plan. If you are a person with chronic health issues or pregnant or have been nursing, you have strict contraindication for any of the detox plans. So, consult your doctor to proceed with detox plans safely.

Plan on how long and how often are you going to go for a detox diet

Usually the duration of the detox plan is based on the type of detox itself. This is also depends on the fact if you are a novice to detox or an intermediate or advanced. To begin with, a short duration detox is effective. Frequent adherence to short detox plans is definitely effective and productive. For the advanced, it is important to consult the doctor to get the longer duration of the detox approved.

Falling back to routine again should be smooth and not be all of a sudden

While you are finishing up your detox plan, it is important to resume eating with steamed food. Electrolytes and small amounts of food can help further. It is definitely recommended that the person should not all of a sudden resume normal food for that can result in negative implications.

Know about the maintenance phase of a detox

Even when you are out of a detox plan, it is critical that you don’t resort to eating out as often as you can. It is always better to eat healthy homemade food. Dining out should be kept to minimal. Abuse of drugs is something that needs to be definitely adhered to. Pops are to be taken in minimal amounts and as infrequently as possible. Raw veggies and salads can be taken instead of packed snacks, which also helps to maintain the natural body cleanse mechanisms on the high level.
10. Strict adherence and keeping temptations at bay helps you to lose weight fast.

Stick to weight loss tips given above. Try keep your body fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle to detox your body on a continuous basis. Healthy weight lost by adhering to the tips and tricks above will definitely pave way for a healthy living.


1. What is detox?

Detox is the process of cleansing of the organism. Natural detox is the process of body cleansing wherein food restrictions are brought in to clean up the toxins from the body.

2. How often should one take up a detox?

In case of beginners, once in 6 months or a year would suffice. Advanced users can make the process of detoxification more frequent after consulting their doctor.

3. Will exercising help with detox?

Working out burns out the fat and hence the weight is reduced. As a result, the body is said to be freed of the fat that it might otherwise store. Perspiration is also an important part of a detox and this is a natural phenomenon that occurs while working out.

4. I am pregnant for 2 months. Can I opt for the lemonade detox?

Definitely not. You should consult a doctor if you are yearning to opt for a detox.

5. Where can I buy detox drinks that I can use?

Usually, detox drinks are available in many online stores. But, it is quite critical to identify the ones that are reliable.

6. Does our body have natural cleansing mechanisms that can perform a detox?

Yes. Liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, breath, skin all work to detox your body on a daily basis. Bowel movements push out the toxins from your body too. However, this process can be boosted with dieting or detox procedures.

7. I have heard of foot detox. What is it used for?

Many people who have opted for foot detox have said that they get relived of muscular pain and sleeplessness. If you intend to have a sound sleep or suffering from sleep problems and muscle or joint pains, it is worth giving it a try.

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